Saturday, April 26, 2014

Kumi Meeting - May 26th, 2014

May 26th, 2014 - Mission Trip Meeting

Today, the mission trip group discussed the logistics of the trip as well as the education sector of what will be happening in Uganda!

Specifically, we went through applications, reviewing positions and jobs, going over the personal checklist of what to bring, and flight information.

On a personal level, this meeting really opened up my eyes as to how close the trip is. It's in literally a month! I realized that I have to start getting my stuff together and pick up the slack instead of lazying around.

Michelle Lu : "The meeting was incredibly helpful, meaningful, and insightful! It really got me thinking more and more about the trip."

We will continue to update you guys about our preparation for the trip as we get closer to it!

Thanks for supporting and keeping updated!

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Kumi Mission Trip 2014

Hello Everyone!

First of all,

Thank you for personally checking out our Kumi Mission Trip 2014 Blog! We will be giving you guys LIVE updates as to how we are all doing. Each and everyone of our members will be blogging at least once, some of us even twice!

Also, keep updated for YouTube V-logs that will be updated after the Trip! You can see a lot of what we had done there and what the members felt during the Mission Trip!

Here are the members participating in the trip:
Connie Rose Branson
Steven Chan
Donna Chan Chu
Emma Hom
Jeffrey Lu
Michelle Lu
Philip John Noordmans
Teresa Louise Noordmans
Jacinto Obrera
Benjamin Wong
Rebecca Wong
Aeri Lee

Thank you all so much for supporting this trip!

Jeffrey Lu
Blog Coordinator