Saturday, May 31, 2014

5/31 update

Blog post by Jacinto Obrera


Hey everyone! Today, like all the days so far, has been truly amazing.


During the first part of the day we brought the bounty of books we’ve been collecting to the school to the school; I’ve never seen children so excited for books in my life! During this work we got to meet some of the students and shared some laughs and smiles.


Later on in the day we prepared for teaching next week. We split into pairs and made lesson plans for the different levels (kinda like we have grades here). Emma and I will be working with P5 and 6 which is about the same as 5th and 6th grades. During this time we also prepared for a three Vacation Bible School units (lots of corny songs and dancing) which I look forward to even if I’m bad at singing and dancing.



Towards the end of prep time Jeffrey shared an interesting moment with a goat that he named “Steve”. We heard the sound that the goat made (it’s not baaah is it?) and saw the goat walk into our hotel and follow Jeffrey around. Steve had pulled his leash tree from where it was tied and took a liking to Jeff. Unfortunately Steve had to go home.


At the end of the day as we prepared to go eat together a thunder storm broke out, throwing around lashes of rain and lighting up the overcast land.. Nothing seems predictable here in Uganda, but everything is undeniably beautiful.


Tomorrow holds just as much unpredictability as today did and that is amazing.


Peace Out

- J

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  1. Great looking team at work, and aren't you inspired as you watch children come alive with opening a library book that will open a new world for them? Try to take some live footage of these experiences as they will excite and inspire those of us back home. Yay Team!