Sunday, June 1, 2014

6-1 update

Blog post by Pastor Phil


Hello from Uganda!

We have had a full Sunday!  In summary, we attended two worship services at a Pentecostal Assembly of God church in Soroti which is an hour north of Kumi, and yes, more bumpy roads!  We loved the lively, animated, energizing, authentic African worship including dancing, hand clapping, and more.


Silver’s band performed too, on the instruments he personally constructed.  Very well done and truly Jesus-focused!  Silver is an amazingly talented man of God!


I had the opportunity to preach at both services, and Steve, Michelle, and Emma each shared a testimony.




Following the services they took us to see their new church building.  By faith they have completed the foundation, walls, and roof, and the next step is to purchase chairs.  As soon as they have chairs, they will begin meeting there, even though the floor is still dirt and the walls need plastering.  They estimate that there is room for 1000 to 1500 people -  it will probably be full as soon as they open their doors.




Following lunch we went to the Soroti prison where Pastor Leonard shared the gospel, Silver’s choir performed again, and three men came to Jesus.  A long, bumpy ride returned us to Kumi around 6pm.


Tomorrow we go to school and actually begin interacting with teachers and students.  Being here is a great adventure of faith and endurance.   Thanks for your prayers.


Pastor Phil for the team


  1. God is Good all the time...! Praise God for the wondrous work God is doing in Soroti and the surrounding communities! Thank you Team for taking God's message to the hearts and minds of our sisters and brothers in Soroti.

  2. Praise the Lord, VIM! thank you for the daily updates, they are so inspiring, and the Lord's blessings seem to be overflowing daily for all your interactions in Kumi and beyond! Thank you for your first hand sharing with us, and we of the Home Team almost feel like we are there with you also, save for the fried ants! May the Holy Spirit glow in you daily! ---Evie