Monday, June 2, 2014


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Today is Monday, and like excited school children, we dressed in our uniforms (YCVM polo shirts) and headed off to KCVS eager to get to work. Uncertainties about how we would manage classroom behavior,language barriers, and whether our lessons would be appropriate, quickly dissipated as the children warmed up to us immediately. Some delighted us with an official "welcome chant", others smiled eagerly for the Polaroid pictures (taken by Pastor Phil), and others knelt gently on one knee to shake our hands.

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Connie and Becky began teacher training in science lessons while the rest of the team worked with the kids. Steve and Aeri taught songs with animal sounds (Steve can do a great pig sound!), and Donna and Jeffrey's class was thrilled with the cards written for them from the church children. Ben and Michelle helped kids literally discover the world using maps and globes. And the highlight for Jacinto and Emma was bringing out the soccer balls and watching the kids take over the field with obvious joy! Teri's toothbrush demos brought bright smiles as the kids eagerly clutched their toothbrushes to take home. After lunch of posho and beans, fish, rice and greens, the kids had a hands-on lesson using tapes measures, which stretched their learning and gave teachers new tools to use.


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We were all amazed at the quiet respect that kids demonstrated, which made teaching them SO enjoyable, and while we were tired at the end of the day, we agreed its was a day filled with the JOY of the the Lord!


Peace and love,


P.S. In response to Gloria's love letter, some ideas for a homecoming meal are: lasagna, wonton, pork sliders and a BIG GREEN SALAD!

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  1. Hello Team! The stories and the pictures show you're having a marvelous time with some work and mostly play, yes? Everyone seems to be making great connections with your new-found friends through a variety of exciting activities. I'd have to hear for myself if Steve really makes a good pig sound. Praise God from whom all blessings flow! -Burt