Tuesday, June 3, 2014

6-3 update

Blog post by Ben Wong


Today was our second day of teaching at KCVS, but it was shortened to a half day.  It turns out that today is Martyr's Day, a Ugandan holiday that commemorates the first Ugandan Christians who were martyred back in the late 1800s.  On this day, most schools and business are closed.  However, KCVS remained open for a half day, since the VIM team was here, and had planned some teaching and VBS activities.  Neither students nor teachers were required to report to KCVS today, but most of them were there.  When we arrived at the school, the students were assembled in the courtyard, and greeted us with song!  http://youtu.be/lWSdnjhin84


The day at KCVS was similar to yesterday, with our rotation of teaching modules making its way through the different grade levels.  My classroom, P4 (4th grade), read letters sent from children in the U.S. and then wrote letters back to them.  Many children drew pictures to accompany their letters.  This activity was followed by another art project, where the children drew on quilt squares.  They drew their everyday life - homes, families, livestock, and household items.  These drawings will be brought back to the U.S. to form a large quilt comprised of the students' life in Uganda.


IMG_20140603_082725939_HDR IMG_20140603_082527257 P1010703 P1010704

VBS for today was David and Goliath.  The kids had a blast singing and motioning to "Jesus is the Rock", before seeing the story acted out by the youth members on our team.  Some of the younger students were a bit frightened by Goliath, which was a large cardboard puppet.  But their fear turned to rejoicing when Goliath crumpled to the ground from David's rock.

Following the story, the children received prayer squares from Chinese Community Church in San Diego.  The children were to keep one for themselves, and give one to another person.  There were smiles all around!


IMG_20140603_121256496 IMG_20140603_122847544_HDR IMG_20140603_122831426 


The teacher training for the day involved using a balance and gram weights.  Students were to guess which objects were heavier than others, and then perform measurements to verify.

IMG_20140603_111006010 IMG_20140603_114535506 IMG_20140603_114508771 IMG_20140603_114432580   


Pastor Phil and Terri had a separate ministry today - training local pastors with Rev. Martin Odi.  Rev. Odi is the previous YCVM chairman, and has formed relationships with CCUMC in Oakland, and Chinese Community Church in San Diego.  Pastor Phil came away impressed with how much these pastors are able to do, given how little resources they have.  Pastor Phil and Terri will do more pastor training tomorrow.


The day ended with a delicious surprise - roasted white ants!  They really are delicious.  I know you wish you could try some ...




Tomorrow is another packed day, so we are getting to bed early again tonight.


BTW - Jeffrey seems to have caught a cold today, so he is need of healing prayers.  It does not appear to be malaria, but he will probably need to take it easy tomorrow.  Please pray for him.

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  1. Dear Team- By now, you should have had a good night's sleep after having spent another exciting day with the girls and boys and the KCVS teaching team. Keep up the good work as you engage the children in discovering how much they already know linked with making new discoveries using a variety of learning aids. I appreciated the morning greeting song, for this is the day the Lord hath made, and we will be glad in it. Share your gladness with these little minds and souls, for they will some day soon touch the heavens and change the earth! We're keeping Jeffrey in prayer for quick recovery from that lousy cold. Maybe you can procure a chicken for some homemade soup. Blessings, -Burt and Jane