Wednesday, June 4, 2014

6-4 update

Blog post by Connie


Greetings from Uganda! Becky and I have been working with the teachers at KCVS. We are amazed at how quickly they are able to incorporate suggestions regarding best practices for group work in their classes, use of materials, lesson design, and new concepts. We have great admiration for all the teachers.


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During our mornings, we spend two and a half hours with the teachers and later in the day we do demonstration lessons in the classrooms. We worked with linear measurement, mass/weight measurement, observation work, and buttons for the young children, seashells, magnets, and fingerprinting.


IMG_20140603_111109059 IMG_20140602_150235884_HDRIMG_20140602_150929340 IMG_20140603_114432580 P1010758


In the classrooms, once the children become a little bit accustom to us as new visitors, they quickly become engaged in the lesson. There are some things that are very new to the children that we have not considered and so this is a learning experience for us too. An example would be materials that we used with fingerprinting. The children are a joy, they are intelligent, respectful, full of smiles, and a joy to be around. We feel so fortunate to be members of this missionary team and grateful for the support of kind thoughts and prayers for the team, teachers, and the children.


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  1. Good Evening Team [although it almost 10am your time]- Thank you Connie for sharing your observations about the quality and dedication of the teaching staff. It obvious that you're really enjoying the neat things that are happening both with the teaching staff and with the children. Who says you are a retired teacher? Your writing shows how much fun you're having in your interactions with the entire teaching process. I can see that the students are totally engaged in their work. Keep up the good work. Blessings on all the work you and others are doing, -Burt