Saturday, June 7, 2014

6-7 update

Blog post by Teri


Hello friends!


Phil and I wrapped up 4 days of teaching approximately 27 pastors on Friday. What an amazing experience to hear of the conditions in which these pastors faithfully serve.  Many receive no salary and must support their families and shepherd their flocks with no remuneration.  Phil taught on the person and work of the Holy Spirit, and I taught on Biblical conflict resolution.  Both subjects were extremely well-received and we felt privileged to be able to encourage these Godly pastors.




Today was the culmination of our trip to Kumi, as our team attended and participated in the dedication of Kumi Christian Visionary School.  The ceremony began with KCVS students, a marching band, and 2 of our team members (Jacinto and Jeffrey) parading around the town, calling people to the ceremony.




Order, protocol, and properness are important to their events.  Many speeches peppered the program.  Our team was introduced, Becky and Steve gave speeches, we presented the school with a monetary gift, and then sang America the Beautiful.  There were many long speeches, but to Ugandans, this was quite meaningful. 


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Ugandan time is quite different than ours.  We arrived at the school at 10:30am, even though we were supposed to be there at 9am.  There ceremony was to end at 1pm, but did not even start until 1, and did not end until 5:30.  There was a feast of beef, chicken, vegetables, and rice.


Much progress on the school construction was made over the week, elevating everyone's spirits.


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The children were awed by the celebration, and proud of their new uniforms.  I believe God was honored in these events, and I praise him for the work he has accomplished.



We would appreciate your prayers as we participate in worship in Kumi tomorrow at 8am, and also for a member of our team, Connie, who is not feeling well.


Blessings to you all!


  1. Hi VIM, you have worked hard and faithfully along side the people of KCVS, YCVM, and neighboring pastors. I am sure that the Lord has met you all there in more ways than you could ever imagine, our God is awesome! Praise the Lord for the witness that all you have met have shared with you, and you with them. We pray for the VIM to have a safe journey back to the USA, and for any maladies to be short lived. We are with you in spirit and JOY! ---Evie---

  2. I was finally able to catch up on the blog posts a few days ago...and kept trying to post comments from my phone. It didn't ever work.
    So...tonight before the evening shift begins, I decided to hop on my computer to say - it's been AMAZING to read all about your experiences in Kumi. My heart has been so filled and I often am smiling as I read about all that you've encountered. Thanks be to God! I can't wait to hear more when you all return. My the Holy Spirit fill you as you celebrate Pentecost this day...and may you become a vessel of the Spirit like never before. Much love to each of you, Emily

  3. Thank you ALL for your successful mission! May you have a safe and restful journey home!