Thursday, June 5, 2014

6-5 update

Blog post by Jacinto


Hey everyone! It's good to be able to share with you guys again. The days are so full and every story deserves a post, but I need to sleep eventually so I'll share just one tonight.


Usually when we go to a community event we have to make some laps. We get introduced to local leaders and musicians, teachers and pastors, students and their families. We shake hands and exchange names. We exchange smiles and share in conversation. Then repeat. But today something new happened. As I was in the midst of teaching people how to say my name, I felt something bumping into my knee. I heard a small voice saying "uncle! uncle!". A small child was fighting for my attention, determined to win out over the grown-ups. This girl was four year-old Adeke (the youngest student at KCVS).




Adeke is known for being spirited, curious, joyful, and extremely stubborn (when I first met her she grabbed my hand and pulled my hair, curious as to why my hair was so different from hers).   Adeke was softly hitting my knee, and so I met her eyes. Her first turned into an open palm. I went down to her and she gave me a handful of peanuts -- a handful for her is about four. This touched me greatly.


Here, food a sign of extravagant hospitality. We are often given food much better than what our hosts are used to eating. This never really sits well with me, but it's extremely rude not to eat the food given to you. So when this nursery school student demanded my attention and extended her hospitality to me, I could not deny that. Something so small means so much.

These tiny children are filled with so much love. In this love I've seen the face of God, a God who calls us, and loves us, like a four year-old would.


  1. you have truly "touched" heaven, Jacinto!

    How mighty is the Lord!

  2. Thank you for being the person God made you as you know who you are and whose you are, Amen!